A New Paradigm

The safety of adenoviral agents has been validated by more than fifty years of human employ. The highly characterized biology of the virus has allowed rational molecular engineering for improved functionalities. The un-paralleled up-scalability of adenovirus is fully commensurate with pharmacologic development. In the aggregate, these considerations underscore the unique potentials of adenovirus for the widest range of gene therapy and vaccine applications. Our break-through vectorology is fully unique within the gene therapy space and creates exceptional opportunities within this burgeoning sector.

Precision’s Unique Vector Capacities Drive Development of Gene Therapy Agents for Inherited Genetic Disorders

  • The requirement for long term expression has driven application of integrative vectors for gene therapy of inherited genetic disease (ex. retrovirus). Heretofore the lack of integrative capacity has thus limited the application of adenovirus for gene therapy.
  • Our technology now allows adenovirus to achieve long term expression via in vivo gene editing.
  • Novel opportunities for gene therapy are now made feasible via our technology.

Precision’s Unique Vector Capacities Drive Development of Vaccine Agents for Emerging Disease Vaccination

  • Adenovirus vaccine agents are being applied to an expanding repertoire of emerging infections.
  • Our technology enables dramatic potency enhancements based upon biology targets.
  • Our current disease targets establish a rapid implementation framework for the context of emerging infectious disease with the largest permissible marker.

Precision’s Molecular Engineering of Adenovirus Allows Selective and Sustained Therapeutic Gene Expression


Proprietary technology of incorporated CRISPR/Cas allow long-term gene expression.


Proprietary technology of capsid incorporated single domain antibodies (sdAb) allow cell specific gene delivery.

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